b'ROAD RUNNING SHOESEasy StreetKicks to sustain yourtoughest blacktop effortsBY LISA JHUNG AND CORY SMITHAltra Provision 4 $130The best stability shoes shed weight and run smooth without a lot of extra foam and plastic, but theyre usually clunkier than their neutral counter-parts. Altras new Provision 4 changes that. Whats unique: a panel of laminated, perforated (read: breath-able) foam that runs underneath the entire footbed and connects to a trio of TPU straps that wrap around the arch to the laces on the medial side. When your foot rolls inward, the straps catch and support it. When youre not pronating, theyre barely noticeable and the shoe runs neutral. Testers said the Provision feels re-markably smooth, with an impressive balance of cushion and flex. That engage-as-needed support system makes for an exceptionally com-fortable ride. Its a great choice for neutral runners whose feet collapse inward when theyre tired and for chronic pronators whove had their fill of bulky shoes. 10.2 oz (mens) /8.3 oz (womens, pictured); zero drop96OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | RUNSBG20_RUN_GOYRoadRunners_rlsd_448454.indd 96 3/31/20 10:40 AM'