b'TRAIL RUNNING SHOESBEST FOR GOING FAST BEST FOR LONG DISTANCES BEST ON MOUNTAIN TRAILS On Running Cloudventure Peak $150 La Sportiva Jackal $140Dynafit Feline SL $130 The lightest shoe in our test feels even moreLa Sportiva is known for producing shoesThe second iteration of Dynafits bestselling, feathery on the foot than it measures on thewith a narrow fit. The Jackal broadens theperformance-oriented grip master is perfectly scale. Chalk that up to a wispy yetsecure rip- lineup, literally: its perhaps the brands mostsuited to charging hard on short-to-medium- stop-nylon upper that wraps an inner booty,wide-foot-friendly design to date. Comfort- distance runs in alpine terrain. The completely holding your foot without adding bulk. Deepable and roomy, with a 25-millimeter heel andredesigned Feline SL has t op-notch wet and channels up the center of the outsole max- a dual-density midsole that combines soft,dry grip, courtesy of outsole rubber devel-imize flexibility and minimize weight, while acompression-molded EVA foam with a firmoped by Dynafits sister company, Pomoca. snug midfoot and textured outsole make forPU insert, this shoe is cushioned enough forOur wide-footed testers found the last a bit a nimble ride. Ons trademark rubber-coatedthe long haul yet equally suitable for short,narrow, but everyone loved the aggressive foam pods absorb impact without compro- fleet outings. As one tester summarized, 4.5-millimeter multidirectional lugs, which mising rebound. The Cloudventure Peak isntIts light on the foot and easy to maneuverkept us at ease in rocky no-fall zones. The particularly supportive, but efficient runnersaround in technical terrain without feelingtoughnylon upper and TPU toe guard offer felt fast wearing it. 9.2 oz (mens) / 7.4 ozclunky. 10.5 oz (mens) / 8.8 oz (womens,tanklike protection. 10.2 oz (mens) / 8.8 oz (womens, pictured); 4 mm drop pictured); 7 mm drop (womens, pictured); 8 mm drop94OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | RUNSBG20_RUN_GOYTrailRunners_rlsd_458163.indd 94 3/31/20 10:33 AM'