b'TRAIL RUNNING SHOES N 5O.All-Terrain VehiclesGrip and support on any dirt, at any distanceBY LISA JHUNG AND CORY SMITHGEAR OF THE YEARBrooks Divide $100 With the all-new Divide, Brooks proves that quality running shoes dont have to break the bank. Head-to-head against kicks with sizable reputations, this trail all-arounder triumphed. It features the same midsole as Brookss bestselling Ghost: a biodegradable EVA compound thats remarkably bouncy and smooth, exceptional for leisurely runs at any distance. The sticky rubber outsole and shallow, spaced-out lugs offer excellent grip on mild, buffed-out trails without feeling knobby on concrete. The soft upper doesnt lock down or protect feet as much as more aggressive models like Brookss Cascadia, so this isnt our go-to shoe for technical descents or up-tempo days. But for those who run on both pavement and smooth singletrack, these offered the best performance-to-value ratio in our test. 10.3 oz (mens, pictured) / 9.2 oz (womens); 8 mm drop92OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | RUNSBG20_RUN_GOYTrailRunners_rlsd_458163.indd 92 3/31/20 10:33 AM'