b'MEET YOUR MAKERSPIN DOCTORJohn Cordoba, 38Road product manager, Specialized AS TOLD TO JOSH PATTERSONLove the SportBefore Im a product manager, Im a cyclist. Every time I ride, Im thinking about what I can do to my bike to have it go faster and farther, and how I can have more fun.Iterate andInnovateThere are two wayswe develop bikes: by improving on existing models with feedback, and by creating new categories. Ten years ago, when we got the pro tot ypesofourfirstTurbo S e-commuter, westarted to think: How cool would it beif we had this kindof performance ina road bike?E-Assist for EveryoneWe see performance e-bikes enabling peo-ple to explore more, encouraging riders to bike when they werent going to, and, most im-portantly, appealing to those who didnt think cycling was for them.Wired for RacingI think e-biking isgo- ing to open the door to new kinds of races. I can see events where riders need to manage battery range while stillphysically challenging themselves.Check outSpecializeds Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO on page 86.90OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | BIKE PHOTOGRAPH BY Cayce CliffordSBG20_BIKE_Interstitial_rlsd_463459.indd 90 3/31/20 11:34 AM'