b'BEST ENDUROGuerrilla Gravity Smash $6,195Guerrilla Gravity is no ordinary brandit builds its frames in Den-verand the Smash is no ordinary bike. The aggressive 29er sports 145 millimeters of rear travel and a 150-millimeter fork. An optional accessory kit ($1,520) lets you swap out the fork, shock, and seat-stay to transform the Smash into a 120-millimeter trail bike. (This short-travel iteration, known as the Trail Pistol, is also available by itself, with a conversion kit for transform-ing into the Smash.) The dialed geometry makes it nimble in the air and forgiving when landings are poorly placed. The frame features Guerrillas unique headset thatlets riders adjust the frames reach and wheelbase by ten millimeters to favor either agility or stability. The fact that riders can invest in one frame platform to suit multiple riding styles made the Smash ahit with testers.BEST E-BIKESpecialized Turbo Kenevo Expert $8,225E-bikes have evolved and worked their way intoevery segment of the cycling market, including mountain bikes that border on downhill rigs. Sure, e-MTBs have their naysayers, but we think theres a lot to be said for relying on yourself (along with a battery-powered assist) rather than a chairlift or vehicle to earn your turns. Boasting 180 millime-ters of front and rear suspension and a 250-watt motor, the Turbo Kenevo Expert is capable of a max-imum assisted speed of 20 miles per hour. Its essentially a downhill bike that gives you the ability to swiftly pedal back up to the top of the trail. Specialized did an excel-lent job of keeping the weight cen-tered and low. As a result, testers found that despite the extra heft from the motor and battery, the Kenevo was still playful and nimble during high-speed descents. BIKE | OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 83SBG20_BIKE_GOYMountainBike_rlsd_448869.indd 83 3/31/20 4:06 PM'