b'4NO.Do It AllTrail machines are moreversatile than everBY JOSH PATTERSONRevel Rascal $7,199For the past few seasons, compa-nies have focused on producing long-travel bikes with ever slacker front ends :great for enduro racing, but often unwieldy for the average rider. This year saw the rise of short- and mid-travel trail bikes with frame geometry made for climbing efficiently and tackling any terrain on the way down. Sitting atop the heap is the Revel Rascal, a versatile 29er with 130 millimeters of rear suspension, a 140- millimeter fork, and geometry that places the rider in a neutral position for optimal handling. The high-end version we tested came with SRAMs Eagle XX1 drivetrain and Enve carbon wheels. (Lower- cost builds with respectable com-ponents start at $5,000.) Raved one tester, the bike was fun at any speed, with a Canfield Balance Formula suspension platform that uses pivot and linkage placement to keep pedaling and braking from affecting rear travel. This yielded incredible traction and the feeling of gliding over rough terrain rather than bouncing from one impactto the next. The Rascal was espe-cially agile through corners and onchoppy trails, making it a blast pretty much everywhere. BIKE | OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 81SBG20_BIKE_GOYMountainBike_rlsd_448869.indd 81 3/31/20 4:04 PM'