b'WATCHESTock of the Town a.Timepieces that check all the boxesBY WILL PALMERa. Nixon Yellow Jacket Patrol $200Nixons new Yellow Jacket line nicely blends ruggedness with striking design. In the scaled-down Patrol, the company pushes back against its often oversize, overbuilt instincts with an attractive, restrained 100- meter- water-resistant watch. b. Shinola The Duck $650Detroit-based Shinola has made its best-looking watch in years. The surfer-vibe Duck boasts 200-meter water resistance, a burly steel case, and a dependable Argonitee.713 quartz movement. It comes in four styles, each with bright Super-LumiNova markers.c. Bertucci A-4T Super Yankeec.Illuminated $445For years, Bertucci has nailed the field- watch concept: simple, lightweight, tough. d.A new Swiss-made, lithium-powered, gold- plated jeweled movement provides superior accuracy; the 44-milimeter titanium unibodydesign is much burlier than it looks; and water resistance to 200 meters doubles that of its other models. d. Bia Rosie Dive $175Bia, a new marque from Californiawatchmaker Time Concepts, designs with active women in mind, rather than simply downsizing mens versions. The quartz Rosie Dive is tough, col-orful, and water-resistant to 200 meters. Ten minutes of light exposure is enough to keep the illumination bright for ten hours. e. Aquadive Bathysphere f.100 GMT $1,990Serious scuba enthusiasts should consider splurging for a purpose-built automatic dive watch like this one. To begin with, its rated tob.1,000 meters. For a model so thin machined from German 316L surgical stainless steelthats an impressive feat. Plus, the timing ring on the bezel could be a lifesaver if your dive computer falters.f. Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium $775Based on a 1960s design, the classic Gen-tleman is a handsome luxury automatic at a price below its competitors. Featuring 100-meter water resistance, along with burnished steel on the case and bracelet, its that rare piece you can wear convincingly with a suit or boardshorts.78OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | TRAVELSBG20_TRAVEL_Watches_rlsd_457855.indd 78 3/31/20 9:00 AM'