b'MOST VERSATILEElectric JJF 12 $240Glacier glasses are critical for safeguarding eyes from alpine glare, but wearing them around town is a recipe for dweebishness. The JJF 12s snap-in, snap-out side shields solve that problem. Thecolor-neutral, polar-ized synthetic lenses are as high contrast as gray gets, and they stand up to hellish brightness and UV exposure. With the shields ready to deploy, you can go straight from the hippest Seattle coffee shop to the summit of Mount Rainier without changing frames.BEST FOR TRAINING DAYSOakley Trailing Point $196 Oakleys new womens frames fuse fashion with pro-level sport design. The rounded-off cat-eye lenses are bare along the bottom edge, which looks sleek and playful and makes technical sense for the same reason it does on race shades: lower weight and less obstruc-tion to your field of view. The Trailing Point is a performance model in every way except looks. Coverage is wide, weight minimal, and security top-notch. The polarized synthetic lenses deliver spectacular optics. MOST BOMBPROOFWiley-X Compass $150To rate this macho numbers impactcapa - bility, the American National Standards In-stitute dropped pointed weights onto it and fired projectiles at it. The lenses would not crack or pop out. Hidden behind the aggres-sive wraparound frames, a soft detachable gasket rests against your face to seal out wind and dust. This goggle-like protection is great for any sport that involves savage sun, howling wind, or things flying in your face. Crisp polarized lenses round out the package. Your eyes will be the best-armored (albeit the least fashionable) part of your body. TRAVEL | OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 69SBG20_TRAVEL_GOYSunglasses_rlsd_449810.indd 69 3/31/20 5:26 PM'