b'SUNGLASSESBEST ON THE WATERCosta Del Mar Ferg $279 Judging by optics alone, the Ferg is thepick of this summers crop. Costas 580Gpolarized lenses are made of glass, which reigns supreme for sharpness, pop, and scratch resistance. The obvious issuethat glass can shatter on impactdoesnt rate when all youre hit with is wind and spray,so con sider these watersport specialists. Tothat end, Costa rigged the Ferg for serious boat ing, with sly side shielding to keep out crosswinds and bright sun. Flexible rubber earpieces add firm but friendly grip.BEST BEHIND THE WHEELZeal Rampart $149Put these slick sport-street crossover frames through their paces on the trail, and do it again on the drive to happy hour. Your friends willnever guess youre rocking trail shades. The refined rectangular shape and high-gloss frames play down these sunnies technical strengths, like polarized wraparound lenses that provide wonderful detail, depth, and glare relief even when youre facing straight into the sun. Rubber patches at the ears and nose secure your investment. STEEZIESTShwood Canby Stone $295A fascia of light-toned slate over a laminate of walnut reinforced with aluminum makes the Canby Stones frames positively breathtaking. The technical chopscrisp, clear, gray-tinted polarized lenses, plus smooth- action stain-less-steel hingeslive up to the design vibe and build quality. Shwoods frames are rela-tively lightweight for their class (we even took them on a three-mile jog, which they handled fine) but the niche is fashion. These are for outdoorsy connoisseurs who have style and dont mind buying up.68OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | TRAVELSBG20_TRAVEL_GOYSunglasses_rlsd_449810.indd 68 3/31/20 5:26 PM'