b'SUNGLASSES 3NO.See and Be SeenShades thatll protect your eyes and turn headsBY MIKE STEEREDistrict Vision Junya $250Ignore the woo-woo branding. In the hands of this Lower Manhattanbased company, whose glasses are crafted in Japan, eyewear ascends to art, with gracefully curvy, minimalist designs. But the Junya earns our accolades for more than aesthetics. It offers the sharp optics, full protection, and supreme comfort you need for pounding out miles in town andin the mountains, in sun or shade, without resorting to the flashy astronaut looks of so many race frames. The Black Rose synthetic lenses have a purple tint that works in a startling range of bright ness, with incredible acuity and depth of vision in low to medium light. The frames seem small compared with showier shields but provide top-notch coverage and shelter even in gale-force winds. Frosty temples look like skinny icicles and have bendable titanium-wire cores for dialing in fit. Rub-ber-cladnosepieces hold their position, and the frames feathery weight reduces bounce. Beauty is as beauty doesin this case, it does a lot. 66OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | TRAVELSBG20_TRAVEL_GOYSunglasses_rlsd_449810.indd 66 3/31/20 5:26 PM'