b'BEST FOR DAY HIKING BEST FOR OVERNIGHT MISSIONSGranite Gear Dagger 22 $100 Jack Wolfskin Kalari Trail 36 Recco $130Most ultralight designs necessitate essentials-only packing. Not thisIf your hiking partner has search and rescue on speed dial, this is your featherweight daypack, which sheds ounces via a thin yet durablepack. A Recco reflector on the Kalaris lid makes you easier to locate by 100-denier nylon shell while still delivering on features. Luxuries we lovehelicopter. The dual-compartment cargo hold and trekking-pole at- include a stretchy exterior pocket that keeps snacks or a headlamptachments give it the functionality of a much larger pack. A 300-denier within easy reach and zigzag elastic on the front panel to quickly stowrecycled-nylon body and steel frame add brawn. On the downside: the layers. A removable framesheet helps the Dagger 22 hold its shape evennonfloating top lid and integrated rain cover pilfer room from the lower when not fully loaded, and an arch-like zipper makes it easy to dig outcompartment. But we liked the close-fitting, vented back panel andthose stray energy bars that inevitably sift to the bottom. 1.5 lbsPFC-free construction. 2.4 lbsHIKE AND CAMP | OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 51SBG20_HIKE_GOYPacks_rlsd_448779.indd 51 3/27/20 2:59 PM'