b'TENTSa.b.BEST FOR FAMILIES BEST FOR THROUGH-HIKERSa. MSR Habitude 4 $500 b. Marmot Superalloy 2P $399Camping with kids is easy in good weather.But when the clouds roll in, aA packed weight of just over a pound per person is notable for any tent, tent like the Habitude makes all the difference. Its 62.5 square feet, withbut for one with this much livable space, its extraordinary. One tester a sixfoot apex, nearly vertical walls, and a 23.5squarefoot vestibulecalled it a magic trick: I pulled a tiny tent out of a bag to find a much you can get changed inall told, enough space for two adults, two kids,bigger one when I set it up. He and his cotesterboth six feet talland a dog to hang out and sleep comfortably in. Plus, every one gets twowere touching shoulders while lying down in the 28squarefoot intestorage pouches, which means fewer turf wars. With 68denier fabric,rior, but they had plenty of headroom and no problem getting through a fullcoverage fly, and zippers made to run smoothly through sand andthe doors. The floor area feels roomy, thanks to miniature poles sewn dirt, its also ready for abuse. During a storm that dumped an inch ofinto the corners at the head of the tent that push the wall closer to rain and blew 40mileperhour winds, it held up fine, with just a bit ofvertical. Sixandahalfsquarefoot vestibules add outdoor storage. flapping. Assembling the threepole frame solo requires some persever But the Superalloy involves some sacrifice. The 20denier floor and ance, but thats a small price to pay for the reassurance that your family15denier fly are fragile, and the Yshaped main pole requires staking will be cozy no matter what the conditions. 12.6 lbsout. Still, this is the roomiest superlight tent weve ever seen. 2.3 lbs30OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | HIKE AND CAMPSBG20_HIKE_GOYTents_rlsd_446173.indd 30 3/30/20 3:14 PM'