b'MEET YOUR MAKERSHAPE SHIFTERRyan Lovelace, 33Cofounder, Trimcraft SurfboardsAS TOLD TO JOE CARBERRYJust Do YouMost shapers of my generation have gone the route of using machines. Ive always loved hand- shapingthe doors it opened, the things it taught me in terms of focus and discipline.Pick Your PosseTrimcraft is basically four design ers. Each of us havedesigns in the lineup. Were friends. Its a group of passion-ate hand-shapers. I call it a handshake brand.Support Up-and-ComersWere a good venue for our younger shapers to get their names out. We hope to accel-erate their careers. Iwanted to make a brand that when I was 21, I would have been like, Holy shit, I want to shape for them while I build my business. They do the shaping, and Trimcraft takes care of the business side.Know Your AudienceOutside California, the aver - age surfer is more about maxi-mizing enjoyment in the water. The surf conditions are more varied, there are fewer people form the contest scene. They werent raised to smash the lip every other second.Make It FunIn the past ten years, surfinghas started to emphasize fun over performance. Brands that tailor to that seem to be doing well, and the larger companies are taking notice. Its pretty hard for some of us to have fun on a chippy shortboard all the time.Check out Trimcrafts Burner surfboard on page 19.26OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | FLOAT PHOTOGRAPH BY Bart PatitucciSBG20_FLOAT_Interstitial_rlsd_463406.indd 26 3/30/20 8:27 PM'