b'MENS FISHINGLike Fish c.in a Barrel b. d.Gear to make landing lunkerseasy, no shooting required BY JONAH OGLES AND JEN RIPPLEa. Simms G4 Pro Stockingfootwaders $750Seams down the front and back of these durable waders enhance your range ofa. motion. Streamlined stocking feet and afleece-lined chest pocket add comfort. b. Patagonia Fitz Roy Trout hat $35With a bill made from recycled fishing nets and that iconic trout logo, this hat is for those who love to fishand want everyone to know.c. Roka AT-1X Polarized sunglasses $170Perfectly placed rubber on the nose and temples keeps these glasses from slipping, and sturdy polarized lenses reduce glare. e.d. Columbia Terminal Deflector Zero Mock Long Sleeve shirt $65A proprietary chemical compound embed-ded in this UPF 50 shirt wicks moisture and keeps you cool when you sweat. e. Farm to Feet Missoula socks $22These comfy merino-wool socks pair equally well with waders and Vans. The nerd-tastic trout pattern can be your little secret.f. Filson Backpack drybag $295This nylon pack fits all the essentials: six-pack, rain jacket, camera, and lunch. Padded straps ease long hikes.g. Orvis Pro Wading boots $229 f.Orviss tough-as-hell cast polyurethaneupper and molded insole keeps feet happyall day. A Michelin rubber outsole grips slick gravel and boulders.h. Abel Vaya reel $495The drag system on this aluminum reel feels like it could stop a Chevy Colorado. Its alsog.fully sealed, so it wont corrode in salt water. i. Orvis Pro Trout line $98Proprietary treatment makes for smoother casting and greater durability. j. Sage Trout LL rod $800This update to Sages Light Line rod fromthe 1980s retains its legendary feel and pre- h. + i.sentation, but has enough backbone to hurl double-dropper rigs at 50 feet.j.20OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | FLOATSBG20_FLOAT_FlyFIshingkits_rlsd_455942.indd 20 3/27/20 1:57 PM'