b'SURFBOARDSLight It UpA smoldering solution for awide range of conditionsBY MATT SKENAZYAt Trimcraft Surfboards, expert builders Ryan Lovelace, Gerry Lopez, Rich Pavel, and Davey Smith dream up the designs, and a cadre of experienced shapers bring them to life. The business model lowers the price without sacrificing boutique quality. Lovelace, who created the Burner ($835), describes it as a shortboard for surfers who dont shortboard. But dont mistake it for a beginnersonly model. He initially designed it as an allaround travel sled that does equally well hunting tubes in Indonesia, carving European beach breaks, and groveling through sessions when the swell hasnt quite arrived yet. A wide point under your chest andrelaxed rocker make for easy paddling and early entry into waves compared with most boards in the sixfoot range. Its responsive and user friendly, as long as youre in the mood for flowy Sturns, not vertical, offthelip bashes.We tested a 6\'8" board with atwoplus one fin setup (length is custom, and you can order the Burner as a quad, twin, or single fin) and had a blast at waisthigh point breaks and shifty Northern California reefs. Going smaller would deliver a ride more akin to a traditional (if oldschool) shortboard. For advanced surfers, it worked equally well in large and cruisey waves. And while itscertainly a pricier option than buying off the rack, the Burners quality and versatility make it more than worth the investment.FLOAT | OUTSIDE BUYERS GUIDE 202019SBG20_FLOAT_Surfboards_rlsd_457702.indd 19 3/31/20 7:02 AM'