b'R A I N B O WFOR THHE LE LOONNG RG RIIDDEEFOR TJOY TO THE WORLD FOUNDATION put sandals from our RepairReuseRecycle program on childrens feet of the Moken tribe. The Moken are a nomadic seafaring tribe that have perfected a free dive fishing technique over hundreds of years among the 800 islands that dot the Myeik archipelago and neighbor southern Thailand. Their existence is threatened due to commercial fishing and the ability to provide for ones family is extremely difficult than it was in the past. Special thanks JWF and to all who gave their old Rainbow Sandals to our RRR program.Today, our goal remains the same: producing high-quality sandals that dont end up in land lls which we believe eventually end up in our rivers and oceans. That commitment doesnt end when our sandals leave the store. If your Rainbows are nearing the end of their run and are past warranty, but still have some life left, please return them. We will repair and donate each pair to people who need them throughout the world.WWW.RAINBOWSANDALS.COM'