b'STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDS N 1O.Get OnBoardSurf, glide, and exploreBY DYLAN SILVERSurftech x Prana Catalyst Tuflite V-Tech 11\'2" $1,399The Catalyst may not be the flash-iest board, but its versatile shape, simple features, and low weight add up to a SUP that glides well on flat-water and is capable and responsive on small waves and in variable ocean conditions. The board absolutely cruised in the calm of Californias Monterey Bay. In four-foot waves, the length and moderately rockered nose made the drops easyit felt like a shorter, nimbler longboard. The long single fin, meant for tracking straight, wont allow you to carve hard, but its great for trimming in small surf. The Catalyst has the same environ-mentally friendly bamboo, carbon, and plant-based epoxy construction as Surftechs Aleka, which won Gear of the Year in 2018. Whats new? A wider tail and midsection, and about 20 percent more volume, all of which helps accommodate larger paddlers. The 32.5-inch-wide, 4.8-inch-thick deck was stable enough in calm con-ditions to allow testers to bring their cameras and phones aboard without fear. Bonus: the foam deck pad was the most comfortable we tested.12OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | FLOATSBG20_FLOAT_GOYSUPS_rlsd_448489.indd 12 3/30/20 8:15 PM'