b'Bike Test With its winding roads, chunky gravel, and world-class singletrack, northwest-ern Arkansas was the perfect place for our 28 bike testers to put this seasons models through the wringer. Over six days, our team rode 40 bikes from 25 companies, P O U T SY O F M C ; K E L L E R A E R R covering roughly 3,500 miles. Ultimately, we settled on five winners each for road (page 84) and trail (page 80).R E T N E R A C E F M AT T N S TA N TO ON E D AY H F O SY T R SY Gear GuyJoe Jackson has been testing outdoor equip-ment for so long, he has it down to a sciencesort C O U J E U M O C U VA SY E E R T P ; P SY A C S O S ; : T O I N T T N U TO T U R A O A K Y R ; E F E R N S A T R I N S F C I C C C K N S N J E Y H F O LO O L E O O S H E E P N R W of. The new Gear Guyvideo series gives you an inside look at Jacksons methods (even when they involve lugging coolers through an obstacle course to test how easy they are to carry). Check it out at outsideonline .com/gear-guy.Our ContributorsLISA JHUNG SVATI KIRSTEN NARULA STEPHANIE PEARSONRunning Shoes Hydration (page 102) Womens Hiking (page 52)(pages 9299) Youd be hard-pressed to findTo test 92 of the latest hik ing Sizing up trainers for thea better gear-testing partnerproducts, Pearson developed Buyers Guide is no small feat.than an active pup. Cabot,a routine. First, she headed For this issue, running-shoeNarulas Lab-mix rescue,to a steep, rocky trail by her test codirector Lisa Jhung ranprovidedcritical assistancehouse in northern Minne-in 30 pairs, clocking hundredsas herhuman evaluated thissota. If I liked the gear on my of miles on mountain trails,years new hydration packs,morning hike, then it made bike paths, gravel roads, andbottles, and filters on thethe next round: longer trails treadmills. She even tested roads and trails around Han - around the city and up the in Kauai (above). over, New Hampshire. north shore of Lake Superior.OUTSIDE BUYERS GUIDE 202011SBG20_HOUSE_BTL_rlsd_483352.indd 11 3/31/20 4:38 PM'