b'MEET YOUR MAKERROCK OF AGESHeinzMariacher, 64Climbing category manager, Scarpa AS TOLD TO JULIE ELLISONKnow Your RootsIn the early eighties, we hadone climbing shoe: the EB. It was extremely painful, and you had to wear it really small toget it to work well. The big chal-lenge was to make shoes that would be less painful and still precise. Thats where I started.Trust the ProcessThe most interesting part isthe first time you go out with the prototype and test it on the rock. There have been models where Ive made 50 prototypes before it works. On the other hand, many times the first pro-totype looks bad but works well. Then you want to make it better, and you actually make it worse.Lean on ExperienceIve always insisted on being the developer and the tester, so Id directly feel if a proto type worked or if it didnt. Everybody has a different opinion, because everybody has a different foot shape. Its very hard to put all those opinions together and come up with solutions. When you can feel a shoe yourself, its much easier.Keep EvolvingAs indoor climbing has grown, shoe design has changed a lot. Precision and sensitivity on small footholds used to matter. Now it seems that nobody cares about that. People only care about heel hooking and PA R A C S F O SY E T R U O Ctoe hooking. But it can be fun to create really nice shoes for the gym. Its a new challenge. Check out Scarpas Veloce climb- ing shoes on page 108.110OUTSIDEBUYERSGUIDE2020 | FITNESS PHOTOGRAPH BY Gianni AntonialiSBG20_FITNESS_Interstitial_rlsd_463351.indd 110 3/31/20 11:27 AM'